Xbox 360, 3 Red Light Fix - Repair Guide

3 Red Light Fix - Now You Can Easily Fix The Xbox 360, Red Ring Of Death, With The Ultimate -- 3 Red Light Fix, Repair Guide With Step-By-Step VIDEOS.

If you are one of the many unfortunate X boxers who has been experiencing the Red Ring of Death error, on your Xbox 360 - listen up, because now there is hope.

For some background information, you can refer to this very informative video, as compiled by the BBC's Watchdog, regarding the Xbox 360 faults and discover just how HUGE this problem really is.

Typical symptoms of this error include the following:

You see three lights on the Ring of Light (R.O.L.) flash red on the front of the Xbox 360 console. I encountered the exact same problem 8 months ago, which set me on a personal “crusade” to remedy the problem myself.

I decided to do this mainly because;

  • Microsoft was unwilling to tell me how to fix these errors myself , and
  • I was unwilling to have my unit shipped back to the supplier, who could also NOT GUARANTEE that the errors could be fixed, 100%.

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Fixing your own Xbox 360 is NOT AT ALL HARD TO DO...In fact, all you need is a few items which you may already have or you can easily get it from your local Radio Shack or hardware store.

If you were to send back the Xbox 360 to the manufacturer for repair, it may take up to two weeks, if not months for your replacement or new Xbox 360 to be shipped back to your home.

Think of all the WASTED time...Well here is a much better choice, You Can Repair Your Own Xbox, with this Ultimate DIY, Xbox 360 - Repair Guide

I was COMPLETELY able to REPAIR my unit for under $50. In fact, I had tracked down a solution to the problem - within 2 days…"

SO What exactly does this guide provide?

This handy, step-by-step PDF Guide (Now With Videos!) enabled me to fix my unit in under 40 minutes.

The Xbox 360 repair guide will show you how to fix:

  • An XBOX 360 with the "Red Ring of Death" or "3 Red Rings"
  • Heating Issues
  • Freeze Ups
  • Graphic Errors
The Xbox 360 repair guide is really simple to use and shows you how to perform each step. The Xbox 360 repair guide will tell you what materials are needed for a repair and where you can find them.

So how did my repair turn out?

I must say that the guide exceeded my expectations and it was very clear and organized.

Following the directions in the guide I was able to fix my XBOX 360 perfectly and I didn't have to break the bank in repair costs. I bought most of materials from RadioShack for around $25.

I highly recommend this Xbox 360 repair guide to anyone having the same problem as I was. I have had no problems since repairing my XBOX 360 using the guide I purchased.

Want to get this guide for yourself?

Learn to fix the Xbox 360 red light error yourself; it takes less than an hour. Who knows, you can also earn some money helping others fix their Xbox 360 Core System with the same problem. They might even be be happy to pay you money to fix the problem on the spot.

If you want to fix the Xbox 360, red ring of death, three red lights or rings of light (as it is also referred to), you must check out this amazing repair your Xbox guide, for yourself.